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You’ve work hard to build up to acquire one of your life’s most valuable assets, don’t let any unforeseen events damage or destroy your home. Northbrook works with you to ensure your home and assets are properly covered from any unforeseen events. Unlike auto insurance there is no one standard policy type one can purchase for property insurance. Our team of dedicated insurance professionals match your needs with the right coverage to ensure you and your home is properly protected.

What's covered?

Protect yourself from costly home equipment repairs. Home Equipment Breakdown coverage covers the breakdown of appliances, water, heating systems, electronics and everything in between. Breakdowns due to mechanical, electrical and pressure systems are covered, however wear and tear is excluded.

Basic coverages:

  • Dwelling Building

    Your home and all attached structures including fixtures in the home, such as built in appliances, plumbing, heating, electrical wiring and air conditioning systems are covered up to the limits stated in your policy.

  • Detached Private Structures

    Structures or buildings on your premises that are separated from the dwelling by a clear space. For example sheds, fences and detached garages are all insurable items under a homeowner’s policy.

  • Personal Property

    The contents of your dwelling and other personal property you own. Contents such as furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry and artwork are covered up to the limits stated on your policy.

  • Additional Living Expenses

    In the event that your home is unfit to live in or you must temporarily move out while repairs are being made due to an insured loss, your increase in living expenses are covered as per the stated amount in your policy.

  • Personal Liability

    Personal Liability covers you if you are sued. Any damages resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others caused by an accident on your property or as a result of your personal actions anywhere are covered, up to the amount of insurance shown on your policy in respect to one accident or occurrence.

  • Voluntary Payments for Medical Expenses/Damage to Property

    If you unintentionally injure another person or if they are accidentally injured on your premises you are covered under the “Voluntary payments for Medical Expenses” section of your policy. In addition, coverage is also available to reimburse others for property damage caused intentionally by your child, under 12 years of age, under the “Voluntary Payments for Damage to Property” section.

Enhanced coverages:

  • Enhanced Water Damage

    Changing weather trends, bigger storms and more rain has now led water damage claims to the leading cause of all home insurance losses in Canada. Your standard home insurance policy does not fully protect you from losses due to water damage. Coverages can be purchased to cover:

    • Sewer Back-Up

      Water damage to your home caused by the sudden and accidental back-up or escape of water or sewage through a sewer, septic system, sump pump or drain.

    • Overland Water

      Water Damage to your home caused by the sudden and accidental entrance of surface water at or above ground level. This includes flood exposures such as overflow of a river or lake.

    • Ground Water

      Protection against the sudden and accidental infiltration of water through basement walls, foundations or floors.

    • Water & Sewer Lines

      Coverage of $10,000 to repair or replace water and sewer lines due to loss or collapse of the line on the owner’s property.

  • Guaranteed Replacement Costs

    The cost to rebuild your home and to replace your personal property can change. Even though your home must be insured to the full estimated replacement cost, guaranteed replacement cost coverage protects you if it costs more than the estimated replacement cost.

  • Lifestyle Advantage

    Enjoy flexibility on how you would like your claim to be settled. The Lifestyle Advantage offers the following benefits:

    • Choice of a replacement cost cash settlement for a total loss on their dwelling building and/or detached private structures.

    • Choice of a replacement cost cash settlement for any personal property loss.

    • Claims-free rating protection for first loss.

    • Deductible waiver up to $1,000 on first eligible loss (excluding water damage, water escape/back-up and earthquake losses).

    • Resident health care coverage for more than one family member.

  • Identity Theft

    With the increase and use of technology the exposure to identity theft has become prevalent. Your personal details are at risk when using ATM’s, point of sale machines or when someone steals your credit card.

    The purpose of Identity Theft insurance is to help you recover from the losses associated with this theft, not to prevent you from being a victim.

    Identity Theft reimburses you for expenses such as repairing your credit report, recovering lost wagers, long distance phone bills, mailing costs and even attorney fees depending on the policy selected.

  • Home Equipment Breakdown

    Protect yourself from costly home equipment repairs. Home Equipment Breakdown coverage covers the breakdown of appliances, water, heating systems, electronics and everything in between. Breakdowns due to mechanical, electrical and pressure systems are covered, however wear and tear is excluded.

Some quick ways to start saving:

Bundle & Save
When you bundle your home and auto insurance policies with the same insurer you instantly begin to save. Save up to 15% on your auto insurance by bundling your auto insurance policy with the same insurer.
Monitored Alarm Discount
Insurance companies recognize and appreciate your efforts to protect your belongings by installing a monitored burglar and fire alarm. When you have an alarm system that is centrally monitored by a company (e.g. The Monitoring Centre, ADT, Alarm Force, Etc.) you are eligible to save up to 10% on your home insurance premium. To be eligible a copy of your alarm installation certificate must be provided to receive this discount.
Non-Smoker Discount
Many insurers offer non-smoking household discounts. You can save up to 10% on your property insurance premium if there are no individuals who smoke in household.
Mortgage Free Discount
Being mortgage free is not a simple task and you should be rewarded. Insurance companies now offer mortgage free discounts where you can save up to 10% on your annual premium if there are no mortgages, secured line of credit, or additional interests on your property.
Claims Free Discount
Being claims free does have its advantages. Save up to 20% on your property insurance premium by having no claims history in the past 6 years.
Age Discount
Many insurers recognize the age of a policy holder. Mature citizens can save up to 8% on their property policy.
Age of Home Discount
The age of your home can save you money! Insurers offer a 15% discount to those who live in a newer home.
Unfinished Basement Discount
If your basement is not finished, don’t worry. Insurers offer up to a 10% discount to those who do not have a finished basement.
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